Managing Risk

Reduce the risk of loss from missing orders

How OPIN reduces risk

OPIN reduces your risk of missing parcels & false claims but also keeps your customers data secure.

Our servers are cloud hosted using Microsoft Azure Architecture. Our enterprise service also allows dedicated environments and bespoke integration services.

The strong Customer authentication (sCa) requirements, to apply from september 2019 on, are expected to strengthen the safety of online purchase transactions.

Now with OPIN, we have protected the final stage of the process to eliminate additional attempts.

OPIN software verifies sellers. We check everything in real time. OPIN generates trust because it is impossible to sell fraudulently.

OPINs cannot be fraudulently generated.

Data is hosted using Microsoft Azure architecture, used by some of the largest e-commerce firms around the world.

Your data is stored using 256Bit AED encryption.

Thanks to our easy to use dashboard, and e-commerce plugins, you can respond to fraudulent claims of lost parcels immediately.


The solution to the growing problem

€1.8 billion was lost in failed or missing deliveries in 2018: in addition, companies spend an average of €15 finding out what happened to the order.

In europe, online retailers in the two largest e-Commerce markets, the UK and Germany, report detection of an increasing number of fraud attempts. Consequently, digital buyers remain on their guard and, according to surveys cited in this report, many would not purchase from an online store which they believe does not provide a sufficient level of security.

OPIN aims to reduce that cost and reduce the cost of fraudulent claims to zero.

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